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Help is at hand

Whatever your publishing needs, we can help your work you way through the tangled thicket that surrounds getting a book published. Whether your manuscript is a novel, science fiction, fiction or nonfiction, textbook, children�s full colour book, magazine or year book we can help you create your perfect book with our team of specialists.

We provide:

  • a personal and professional service to get your book, nonfiction or fiction, into print
  • all publishing and printing services required to complete the files for your book from the manuscript to printing editing, typesetting, cover design, marketing and promotion
  • the latest print on demand technology
  • black and white printing for fiction and non-fictions books a text book or a business book�including tables, modules and illustrations
  • Full colour printing for children�s books, cookbooks or family albums
  • an individual package to your needs and budget

There is nothing quite like seeing your very own book in print. Hovever, having your book in print is one thing, but actually getting it onto the shelves of bookstores is another. If your books meets the requirements, we can help you meet this challenge.

We take great pride in printing books of the highest quality which will more than compete with any other book in bookshops.

The journey to getting a manuscript published into a book is not a complicated one, but it does have a number of steps that need to be done along the way.

We can help you with:

  • ghostwriting
  • editing and proofreading
  • page design (typesetting) cover design
  • Obtaining the ISBN, barcode and CIP
  • illustrations
  • photo restoration



You have the ideas for a sensational best seller but doubt your ability to convert your ideas into words. Help and success are at hand, one of our writers will work with you to put your ideas onto paper. Some ideas are worth gold, don�t let then stay buried because you believe you don�t have a way with words.

Yet at the same time we only charge what other template-based book cover designers charge. Why do we do this? Because we want the books that we publish to be of a professional standard, and because you spent so much time on your book, your book deserves to look professional.


Page design or typesetting

This is specialist task, which involves the process of laying out the manuscript in the way it will appear and that best suits your style of book. We offer to custom design your books from scratch with professional designers.

Book designs really do influence sales. As well as influencing the potential buyer to purchase your book a skilled designer can make it more readable and take into account any special needs of your book�s audience. A book that looks professional stands a better chance of being supported by retailers�the easier your book is for booksellers to order and sell, the more likely they are to do so. Formatting and design are both key elements to the success of your book.


Cover design

Covers sell books. Despite the saying that �you can�t judge a book by its cover,� a critical selling factor for any book is the cover. A cleverly designed cover tempts a prospective buyer to pick up a book. It also offers an invitation to open the book. You can choose matt or gloss celloglazing for your book for added protection. A Book Cover Design that is created by or with the support of our professional Book Cover Designer is setup to the correct size before being sent to print.

If you wish you can design your own book cover in your current publisher or word program, then simply send us the file and all the images you used in jpeg or tiff formats. Our designer will then set this up in our programs and send this back to you before going to print. Or we can custom design covers for you.



This is one of the most important steps in the process of book publication. Copy editing involves checking the spelling, punctuation etc. of the document and ensures that the final text is well presented and free from errors.

We recommend you have your book professionally edited before publication. Your readers will notice every mistake, every typo, and if there are more than one or two they will simply not buy the book or they will put it down. You will have lost their respect because they know better than you do. And even the best writer can miss something they read what they expect to see, not what is actually there. If you wish, we can provide professional editing.


If you wish we can organise:

  • Indexing �if your book requires professional indexing, we can organise this for you and a quote will be provided to you
  • ISBN registration�all books sold in bookshops require an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) which will be printed on the imprint page and on the cover. The ISBN is a unique number that is primarily used as an ordering device for the retail book trade. It is internationally applied and recognized, and as such makes it much easier for people all over the world to find your work.
  • CIP�all books require CIP (Cataloguing-in-Publication) which will be printed on the imprint page. It involves the preparation of a cataloguing entry for a book before the book is published.
  • Barcode�the barcode, representing a product�s number in a form which can be read by an electronic barcode scanner, is used by publishers, booksellers and libraries to order, sell and manage books using computerised inventory and cataloguing systems. The barcode should be included on the back cover of the book, for ease of use.